Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hello, I am being blunt now.


Inspired by the most recent post on Mormon Bachelor Pad, I decided to be a little bit more specific about what happened with that guy and I.

If you're read their recent post, you will understand a little better.

There was a fair amount of number 7 going on, and things got up to a number 8 on their self-created "N.O.T.I. Scale." AKA, he got a boner, started dry humping me, and after a minute, I stopped things with my excuse of "I have to go now, I have to wake up early in the morning, blah blah blah."

So, any new sorts of opinions then, in terms of going to the Bishop?

I've already decided what I'm going to do/not do. I'm just curious as to what everyone else thinks.

I'll post an update of what my decision is after a day or so, to give you a chance to give your input if you so desire. Talk to you then.


  1. for me it's kinda been on a situational basis. on the NOTI scale, I actually but 7 as 6 and 6 as 7. and as 6 would normally be about as close as I believe one can get to the line without a problem, I'd have to really go about praying on it.
    maybe I'm a fool and just justifying to myself, but in the end I go with: can I repent of this on my own, or do I need the loving assistance of my bishop?

    it's funny how scared I've been to talk to him about some things, when every time I do, I end up feeling better and more spiritual afterward.

    hope you make the right choice for you. follow what you feel, that's the Spirit telling you what's right.


  2. sorry, that's "put 7 as 6, and 6 as 7" in terms of "inappropriate".

  3. I do not see a need to speak with the bishop.

  4. If you feel guilty enough to dedicate two entire posts to it, you might need to talk to the bishop. Just tell him what happened and that you got out of there as soon as you could. He's not going to judge, he'll simply make you feel better.