Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sometimes I am KIND of a slut.

Not in the "go talk to your bishop" kind of way.

More in the "I'm leaving in less than a week, Oh wait, first lets make out with this boy, ok fun, oh wait, lets make out with this other boy real quick, ok awesome" kind of way.

Basically, I met this one guy at a YSA conference recently, and we seemed to mesh pretty well, so we went on a date. After the date, we sat outside, and all of a sudden, I was gettin macked on. Not initiated by me. Just sayin.

We see this boy all through the next weekend as well, and perhaps make out with him once or twice more. Not the best kisser in the world, but not unpleasant.

BOOM. Welcome to Monday, the day after the last make out with first boy.
We are at an activity with a group of people, watching a movie on an inflatable screen on a friends lawn. We get to talking to a friend, new boy, who we've actually known for a while. Turns out that second boy made out with friend of first boy, coincidentally while first boy and I were making out outside the night before, they were mackin inside. This is discussed, we are amused, and laugh at the predicament. Suddenly, second boy decides to get all flirty, and somehow or another, we end up spooning on a blanket in the back. He asks if I want to go to a baseball game the next night. I say yes. Plans are made.

The next night arrives, we go to the baseball game, and don't get back until late, due to traffic and delays in the game. There is a whole heckuva lot of physical flirting, a little bit of holding hands, a lot of goofing off involved.

In the car on the way home, sitting in the parking lot, he says to me, "I want to kiss you."

I say to him, "Hmm. Is that so."

Cue flirty banter all the drive home.

We pull up in front of my house, and sit there for a minute, talking a bit. Somehow or another, he leans in for the kiss, and I meet him.

Cue make out for the next half hour or so. Enjoy make out. I decided it was sufficiently better than the one I had participated in with first boy. His kisses were too wet and slobbery. Second boy's had a liiittle too much tongue at times, but at least I didn't have to wipe my mouth off afterwards. Whew.

Not to mention first boy didn't give me goosebumps. And Second guy did.

You guys, this is not something I do a whole lot of... making out with so many guys in such a relatively short period. It don't generally work that way. I promise.

But hey. Everyday is a new experience. Live on the edge, enjoy life as it comes to you, and make the most of it.

The most of mine seems to be involving mackin. And that is A'OK by me.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Big Deal, what is it?

I remember my first kiss very vividly.

It was outside of the church building, of all places, and the guy and I had a small fire going on top of a rock. We were talking, and as we were conversing, he paused once or twice at lulls in the conversation to kiss my cheek or the top of my head.

Honestly, it was a little funky to me, because I hadn't felt that supposed 'spark' or 'desire' or whatever that supposedly you're supposed to feel according to tv and chick lit and all that junk. But I rolled with it I guess.

As we talked, and kept the fire going, There was a another lull, and I leaned slightly into him as we both sat on a rock across from the fire. A moment after I did, he turned a bit and pressed his head into my neck and started kissing me. Hard. And Loudly. And honestly, a liiiittle bit wetly.

I was totally taken aback. But I didn't know what to do, so I let him go for it, sort of swaying with him as he kissed me for a few seconds. He worked his way up and around my neck and ear, making his way to my face, and eventually, I turned my head the slightest bit and met his mouth.

Good Lord, it was terrifying.
And yet super exhilarating.

I wasn't sure if I liked it, weirdly enough.
It was a pretty wet kiss, and I was new at this. Haha. Not to mention he was already trying to slip some tongue in there. I mean, guess he didn't exactly know that it was my first kiss.

And yet, after a few moments, I quickly adjusted into the situation, and found myself actively engaging in a pretty sweet make out session.

After a few hours (not kidding) I was at home once more, and I sat in my bed, reminiscing.
My main thought was, 'what's the big deal about kissing?' Its odd and awkward and warm and wet and I have a weird beard burn all up on my face and neck and shoulders.

Of course, eventually I realized that its not necessarily about the kissing so much as it is about who you're kissing, and what kind of connection you feel with them that makes it really pleasurable.

And so, if you find yourself reading this, wondering why you weren't digging on a kiss, keep on keeping on. Because, trust me, once you've found a great partner for mackin, you won't have any difficulty at all enjoying yourself.